Peta Kills Beer Buzz

NORFOLK, Va.–An animal rights group on Thursday pulled its “Got Beer?” ad campaign, which anti-drunken driving activists had criticized as a misguided promotion of underage drinking. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals unveiled the campaign on college campuses this week. The Norfolk-based group contends that milk cows and their calves suffer on factory farms and that the fat and cholesterol in milk make drinking beer look good by comparison.

PETA said it stopped the ads out of respect for concerns raised by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. “MADD got their message out; we got our message out,” said Bruce Friedrich of PETA. “As spring break and St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, we hope we helped save lives and prevented injuries due to underage drinking and impaired driving by speaking out against the campaign,” MADD spokeswoman Teresa Hardt said.

The animal rights group now plans an ad showing a calf modeled after the pictures of missing children on milk cartons. The “Got Beer?” campaign was a parody of the dairy industry’s “Got Milk?” spots.

Nutritionists said PETA’s health comparison between beer and milk was oversimplified, because milk contains many nutrients and nonfat milk eliminates the drawbacks of whole milk.

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